We proudly present WebApps and RESTApps

The Sitevision 4.5 release include WebApps and RESTApps - a revolutionary technique to develop new modules and extend existing behaviour and API of a website.

Sitevision 4.5 is a developer-centric release that include full support for the long-awaited revolutionary technique of WebApps and RESTApps!


WebApps is a completely new technique to create Sitevision modules. Development of a WebApp takes place outside of Sitevision in a code editor of choice and offers a smooth development process with a short turnaround time. WebApps are built with modern isomorphic JavaScript and use influences from other known JavaScript frameworks.


RESTApps is the sibling of WebApps and a profound part of the Headless CMS concept. The purpose of a RESTApp is to provide custom REST endpoints. It offers a powerful yet simple way to enrich Sitevision websites with new methods to expose data, as well as new methods to create and manage content. A RESTApp is developed, deployed and managed as a WebApp but it lacks the rendering process.

Deployment and managment

WebApps and RESTApps are deployed and installed on a Sitevision website as Add-ons. This enables centralized configuration and version management in a manner similar to the Sitevision Element concept. The deployment of a WebApp/RESTApp can be managed via the Sitevision UI but also via brand new REST API endpoints that comes with Sitevision 4.5.

Developers can deploy/install a WebApp/RESTApp to their local sites using a developer license, but Sitevision-signed certificates are needed to deploy to a website in production. Developers can log on to the developer web and create certificates for their organization. These certificates will be signed by Sitevision, thus can be used by a WebApp/RESTApp in production. When a production certificate is created, it can be utilized during the development of a WebApp/RESTApp via a grunt task (or such) that invokes the signing endpoint of the Sitevision developer site REST API.

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