Technology preview: DataStorage

Get a preview of the new proposed data storage API:s that will be officially released in a future Sitevision version.


Sitevision have noticed a rapidly growing need to store arbitrary data in a flexible format - and the ability to easily use that data concurrently in a clustered runtime. To fulfill these needs, we have created the JSON-based Sitevision DataStorage technology that can be used in Sitevision WebApps and RESTApps.

Some associated Sitevision partners have previewed parts of the Sitevision DataStorage technology during development and now we feel it is mature enough for a more official preview.

What can you do?

We kindly ask assistance from the Sitevision development community to ensure that the Sitevision DataStorage technology and its API:s will the best it possibly can be before it is released publicly for all.

As a Sitevision developer, you are most welcome to thoroughly test, evaluate and contribute to this new exciting technology. This is your chance to really make an impact and affect how the first version of the Sitevision DataStorage technology finally will be.

Please download and install the DataStorage technology preview locally and test it out with your specific data and your specific needs. Give us as much feedback as you possibly can (thoughts, suggestions, problems, performance issues, API:s etc.). All input you have is most welcome and will affect the final release of the Sitevision DataStorage technology.


Documentation is available on the DataStorage documentation page.


It's no longer possible to download the technology preview of Data Storage.

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