Technology preview: Sitevision 5 beta

Sitevision 5 is soon here but a beta version for testing is available today!

Some highlights from the upcoming Sitevision 5 is described below. A more comprehensive and detailed description of the release is available on Sitevision Customers website. This is also the place where the installation files for the beta version can be found.

Improved web performance metrics

Websites built in Sitevision has always been very fast, but the performance has not always been reflected in performance measurement tools. Changes in the upcoming Sitevision 5 intends to change the latter. A lot of work has been done to up the scores and the overall experience of performance for users of all Sitevision websites.

Read more about the performance optimization in Sitevision 5.

Data Storage

Sitevision have noticed a rapidly growing need to store arbitrary data in a flexible format - and the ability to easily use that data concurrently in a clustered runtime. To fulfill these needs, we have created the JSON-based Sitevision Data Storage that can be used in WebApps and RESTApps.

Read more about Data Storage.

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