Content security policy and inline javascript

As of Sitevision 2022.08.1 it is possible to use a CSP without the unsafe-inline attribute for javascripts.

Setting nonce to run inline scripts without unsafe-inline

In Sitevision 2022.08.1 it is possible to start using a CSP without a the unsafe-inline attribute for scripts in sitevision. Just add the token <NONCE> to your policy and Sitevision will automatically create a nonce-token unique for each request.

Example script-src directive

script-src 'self' <NONCE> 'unsafe-eval';

If you add the nonce attribute to your policy, you must update all inline javascripts in your custom functionality, like webapps or script portlets. Static inline scripts in for example a HTML portlet will not work and must be converted to use a Script portlet or WebApp instead.

To get the nonce token you use the getNonce() method in PortletContextUtil in the Sitevision public API.

// javascript
const portletContextUtil = require('PortletContextUtil');
const nonce = portletContextUtil.getNonce();

And in html/velocity just add the nonce attribute to your script tag

## velocity
<script nonce="$nonce">
   // script content...

Always add nonce

As a WebApp developer, you should typically *always* add the nonce to all client script elements to ensure that your app can be executed regardless of the CSP settings of the site.

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