Release Notes 4.5

Sitevision 4.5 is a developer-centric release that includes WebApps and RESTApps. The REST API documentation is improved and several new endpoints have been added.


New Features


  • [SV-25025] JQuery is bumped to version 1.12.3
  • [SV-25026] JQuery UI is bumped to version 1.12.1

Public API

New utilities

  • [SV-24695] XSLTUtil - new interface for XSLT transformations
  • [SV-24203] RestApi - new interface to execute local REST API endpoints server-side (without any outgoing loopback http connections)


  • [SV-25046] Support in FolderUtil to create a folder in the file and image tree of a collaboration group
  • [SV-24543] New entries in BuddyIconRenderer.BuddyIconSize enables rendering of user identity profile image in more sizes

Bug fixes

  • [SV-24814] PropertyUtil - bad value for the 'description' property of sv:user and sv:simpleUser
  • [SV-24946] VersionedPropertyUtil - value for 'URI' and 'URL' property of sv:file can differ whether or not code is executed in edit mode

See the Public API Change Log for full details


New endpoints

  • [SV-24542] UserFields (GET) - new endpoint for user fields
  • [SV-24206] CompoundTimelineEntries (GET) - new endpoint for compound timeline entries
  • [SV-24541] UserIdentityGroups (GET) - new endpoint for collaboration groups of a user identity
  • [SV-24825] Comments (GET) - new endpoint for timeline entry comments
  • [SV-24761] Notifications (GET) - new endpoint for notifications
  • [SV-24540] TimelineEntries (GET) - new endpoint for user identity timeline entries
  • [SV-24611] Search (GET) - new endpoint for querying a index
  • [SV-24527] RestAppImport (POST) - new endpoint to deploy RESTApps
  • [SV-24273] AnonymizeUser (GET, DELETE) - new endpoint for anonymizing users (GDPR)
  • [SV-24884] ActivateCustomModuleExecutable (PUT) - new endpoint to activate a WebApp, RESTApp or ModuleElement


  • General: Updated REST API documentation (more examples and links)
  • [SV-24543] ProfileImage endpoint - added GET, ability to get profile image
  • [SV-24625] Nodes endpoint (GET) - ability to specify properties in the result


  • [SV-24616] Fails to resolve context node when using the identifier of an index (sv:nodeIndex, sv:applicationIndex)
  • [SV-24620] Fails to resolve context node when using the identifier of a file icon (sv:fileExtensionIcon)
  • [SV-24621] Fails to resolve context node when using the identifier of a default image (sv:defaultImage)

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