Release Notes 4.5.1

Sitevision 4.5.1 contains bug fixes and improvements for WebApps and RESTApps. The performance of WebApps are greatly improved. It also contains new REST API endpoints and updates of the Sitevision Public API, most noteably JsonRequester. Java is bumped to version 8 update 172.



  • [SV-24275] Java version 8 update 172


  • [SV-23419] Manage site-specific rules to robots.txt (via UI on site)


  • [SV-25379] JsonRequester - get headers from response
  • [SV-19924] LocaleUtil - new method to get normalized language code
  • [SV-25284] RestApi - introduced overloaded delete method
  • [SV-25495] Resolve WebApp/RESTApp config data as JCR Properties (properties are prefixed "appData.")

Bug fixes

  • [SV-25277] JsonRequester might drop attributes when converting a XML resonse to JSON
  • [SV-24550] JsonRequester will send multiple Accept headers if Accept is explicitly set
  • [SV-25222] Missing link description for sv:link could return link name instead
  • [SV-25147] PropertyUtil potentially provides wrong properties for sv:pageContent Nodes

See the Public API Change Log for full details


New endpoints

  • [SV-23962] Introduce likes endpoint (GET, POST, DELETE) for likes of comments and timeline entries


  • [SV-25192] Added timelineentries (POST) to create timeline entries
  • [SV-24824] Added timelineentries (GET) get a individual entry by specifying its identifier (operation object)
  • [SV-25193] Added comments (POST) to create comments
  • [SV-25194] Added comments (DELETE) to delete comments
  • [SV-25432] Updated notifications (GET) result with type and owner


  • [SV-25159] Unauthorized REST request should return status code (i.e. should not render the html error page)

WebApps and RESTApps

New features


  • [SV-22556] Performance improvements of WebApp rendering, most noteably ListComponent rendering and underscore template rendering of Component
  • [SV-25264] RESTApp request without route should execute the slash/root route


  • [SV-25300] The require function might be incomplete when invoked in route functions of a WebApp or RESTApp

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