Release Notes 4.5.4

Sitevision 4.5.4 contains various improvements and bug fixes as well as new additions to Sitevision's API.

Breaking change notice

Files uploaded to Web/RESTApps are no longer exposed as Instead, files on the request are exposed as the new node type sv:temporaryFile. Please be aware that apps using file uploads need to be modified and treat uploaded files as sv:temporaryFile-nodes.

Sitevision's Public API (FileUtil, ImageUtil, JSONRequester) have introduced new methods that will come in handy when working with sv:temporaryFile-nodes. Read more about the new methods in the release notes section.

This little tutorial might also be useful on how to handle file uploads in a WebApp.

Future client scripting breaking change notice

jQuery will be moved from <head> to the end of <body>. All inline client javascript must be deferred to execute after the document ready event. Read all about it here


  • [SV-26353] New node type - sv:temporaryFile (mainly used to represent uploaded files in Web/RESTApps)
    • Support for sv:temporaryFile has been added to FileUtil.getContentAsString
    • New methods to work with sv:temporaryFile-nodes have been added to FileUtil as well as ImageUtil
      • FileUtil.createFileFromTemporary
      • FileUtil.updateBinaryContentFromTemporary
      • ImageUtil.createImageFromTemporary
      • ImageUtil.updateBinaryContentFromTemporary
  • [SV-26287] FileUtil - New methods to create and update files using Base64 encoded strings
  • [SV-26287] ImageUtil - New methods to create and update images using Base64 encoded strings
  • [SV-26427] JsonRequester - Support for multipart requests

Bug fixes

  • [SV-26657] WebContentUtil - Inconsistent output when creating unordered lists

See the Public API Change Log for full details

Bug fixes

  • [SV-26354] A failed login attempt should result in a 401 status code
  • [SV-26392] Comments PUT endpoint does not format mentions or tags



  • [SV-26223] Uploaded files are not accessible
  • [SV-26380] WebApp client assets might fail to load properly when a site including WebApps have been imported

WebApps and RESTApps


  • [SV-26378] Improved AMD support when using JavaScript-libraries as modules


  • [SV-26228] Uploaded files are exposed as
  • [SV-26383] undefined-objects from scripting contexts should be treated as null in java context
  • [SV-26281] req.params are not parsed properly for multipart requests

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