Release Notes 4.5.5

Sitevision 4.5.5 is the last planned major update in the Sitevision 4 series. It contains a new Java runtime and various improvements and bug fixes as well as new additions to WebApps/RESTApps and the Sitevision API.



  • [SV-27129] Tomcat is bumped to version 8.5.38
  • [SV-26005] Oracle JDK is replaced with OpenJDK (Corretto 8.202.08) due to changed support and licensing


  • [SV-27186] TimestampUtil - new methods to convert between timestamp and Date/Calendar/Instant/LocalDateTime
  • [SV-26993] JsonRequester is renamed to Requester - to emphasize its versatility (capable of handling other data than JSON).
  • [SV-26981] Requester (previously JsonRequester) - introduce the file dataType option to fetch binary resources

Bug fixes

  • [SV-27067] LocaleUtil - some methods could throw exception when operating on Locale.ROOT

See the Public API Change Log for full details



  • [SV-26109] Standalone routes - enables a WebApp to provide resources or content dynamically



  • [SV-27178] Events - include "emitter" in event options and execute the event processing as the emitter user

WebApps and RESTApps


  • [SV-26965] Underscore was not immutable (server-side)

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