Release Notes Sitevision 5

Sitevision 5 is here! We are pleased to announce a shiny new data storage API, server side router for app configuration as well as many other bug fixes and improvements.



  • [SV-15911] Tika is bumped to 1.20
  • [SV-18865] jQuery is bumped to 3.4.1
  • [SV-26129] less4j is bumped to 1.17.2
  • [SV-26154] atmosphere.js is bumped to 2.3.8
  • [SV-26521] moment.js is bumped to 2.24.0
  • [SV-26823] underscore.js is bumped to 1.9.1
  • [SV-27114] Tomcat is bumped to version 8.5.40



  • [SV-26485] ImageRenderer - support lazy loading of images
  • [SV-27230] Expose roles in the JCR model
  • [SV-27295] Introducing the "hostname" property on sv:site
  • [SV-27392] Utilities to resolve sv:tag and sv:tagGroup
  • [SV-27316] XSLTUtil - support sv:temporaryFile-nodes as templates
  • [SV-27422] RestApi - add put method without operation object

Bug fixes

  • [SV-26008] SearchFactory.getSearchSortField - specified sort orders were reversed
  • [SV-27531] WebContentUtil.updateContent - layout didn't get specified name

See the Public API Change Log for full details

Server-side Javascript


  • [SV-27149] Undocumented legacy functions will no longer be available in Javascript contexts, except in the Script console
  • [SV-27150] Script module - undocumented legacy objects will no longer be available in Script modules created as of Sitevision 5



  • [SV-27434] tagName may be defined as a function

WebApps and RESTApps

New features

  • [SV-25853] Data Storage - enables data storage for SiteVision WebApps and RESTApps
  • [SV-23466] Server side router for the configuration view - enables server rendering with a context



  • [SV-26000] appData.get might return a node in cases where a URL-string is expected
  • [SV-26227] Double-click on node selector in config migt open multiple dialogs
  • [SV-27417] Context node is not set when evaluating RESTApp-events

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