Release Notes Sitevision 5.1.1

Sitevision 5.1.1 includes several additions to the Public API as well as other improvements and bug fixes. The release includes middleware functions, a new feature to register functions that will run for every request to a Web/RESTApp.



  • [SV-27970] Improved Docker support - include a Docker image in the distribution


  • [SV-27180] RoleUtil - utility to assign roles
  • [SV-27043] XmlParserUtil - utility to parse XML
  • [SV-28103] JWTUtil - utility to create and decode JSON Web Token (JWT)
  • [SV-27655] MessageDigesterFactory - utility that provides message digester instances that can perform hash computation using a specific algorithm
  • [SV-27931] PortletContextUtil - new method to get the decorated node during render of a sv:decorationTemplate
  • [SV-27923] DateUtil - new method to convert a date string to a date object using a SimpleDateFormat pattern
  • [SV-27665] SearchSortField - new method to check if sort order is ascending
  • [SV-28249] Requester - added option to specify a fallback charset.
  • [SV-27989] Expose user fields (sv:userField) in the JCR model

Bug fixes

  • [SV-27881] CollaborationGroupWrapper - getMember()¬†fails due to incorrect sandbox configuration
  • [SV-27654] ImageRenderer/ImageLinkRenderer - output might fail to validate
  • [SV-27376] FileUtil/ImageUtil - possible to create files exceeding website's file size limit
  • [SV-28133] Requester - incorrect Content-Type when sending JSON data
  • [SV-28242] Requester - data (text body) sent in a multipart request should use UTF-8 as Content-Type.

Restored behaviour

  • [SV-27665] SearchFactory.getSearchSortField - restore ascending/descending behaviour as it was in the Sitevision 4 family, but rename method arguments in the API documentation so it matches actual behaviour. Sitevision 5.0 included SV-26008 - a bug fix that reverted sort order implementation based on the argument names in the API documentation. That fix is as of Sitevision 5.0.1 removed. Sorting of search results implemented in Sitevision 4 will be unaffected but sort-related implementations that was created or updated in Sitevision 5.0 might have to be adjusted.

See the Public API Change Log for full details

  • [SV-26413] Added endpoint to GET bookmarked timeline entries for a timeline owner





  • [SV-27992] Events - trigger events when nodes are trashed or restored

WebApps and RESTApps



  • [SV-27952] Configuration input values are in some rare cases incorrectly interpreted as Sitevision objects
  • [SV-27870] Sandbox error when retrieving app session attributes in a script module
  • [SV-27646] Sandbox issues when throwing exceptions
  • [SV-27641] Error when using AppResource for files without extension

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