Release Notes Sitevision 6

Sitevision 6 introduces Sitevision Marketplace - a new way to distribute apps to SiteVision users. Several improvements and bug fixes are also included in the release.



  • [SV-25279] Sitevision Marketplace - distribute apps to Sitevision users

Bug fixes

  • [SV-28585] OpenID Connect does not work in combination with friendly URL style


  • [SV-28623] ''sitevision.environment.type" must be accesible via ScriptUtil.getSystemProperty
  • [SV-28918] Add more landing pages to LandingPageUtil
  • [SV-28909] Revoke roles using RoleUtil
  • [SV-18846] New Permission to move node introduced (affects StructureUtil.moveNode)
  • [SV-27917] Requester invocations should require a URL with a valid protocol (http or https)

Bug fixes

  • [SV-28690] Nodes of type sv:article can be moved to invalid parent types using StructureUtil
  • [SV-28674] Lazy load option does not work for ImageRenderer
  • [SV-28580] JCR name must be unique for sv:webApp and sv:restApp
  • [SV-28579] sv:restAppRepository is not available as a child of sv:site

See the Public API Change Log for full details

WebApps and RESTApps


  • [SV-28931] Add a "marketplace" section to appInfo


  • [SV-28818] Not possible to save a text field value of "1" in Web/RESTApp configuration

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