Release Notes Sitevision 6.1

Sitevision 6.1 includes several additions to the Public API as well as other improvements and bug fixes. The release includes a updated server-side JavaScript engine, new RESTApp events and a function to instant reindex a CollectionDataStore entry.



  • [SV-29240] Rhino (JavaScript engine) is upgraded to 1.7.12
    • The upgrade also solves [SV-27872] Cannot convert function to interface java.util.function.Consumer
  • [SV-9348] Updated User-Agent header for all outgoing http requests (e.g. Requester, Proxy module). Changed from Chrome 48 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) to Chrome 79 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64)


  • [SV-29222] Properties.getArray - new method to facilitate retrieving properties from an iterable or search result
  • [SV-28685] New method in CollaborationGroupWrapper to set the render Locale
  • [SV-29137] New method in LocaleUtil - resolveCountryLocale(Locale)
  • [SV-29066] New utilities to expose java.text.NumberFormat behavior
  • [SV-28943] New utilities to check whether a user belongs to a role

See the Public API Change Log for full details



Bug fixes

  • [SV-29183] CSS for WebApps using LESS is not scoped correctly when a site has been imported
  • [SV-26098] WebApp assets are not included when rendered from OutputUtil.getNodeOutput

Data Storage


Bug fixes

  • [SV-29160] Potential sandbox problems if the find function of a CollectionDataStore failed really miserably

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