Release Notes Sitevision 2023.02.2

Sitevision 2023.02.2 is the second february release and it contains Envision improvements and a bug fix for WebApps 1.



  • [SV-19404] Trashcan overview in the edit UI now contains a search field to query trashed items
  • [SV-34117] Release notes is now accesible from the edit UI via the bottom-left exclamation mark in the left toolbar


Bug fixes

  • [SV-34954] Fixed WebApp 1 permission problems for webapp assets and webapp files on a public page - for non-authenticated user on an intranet (i.e. site is non-public).



  • [ENV-239] - Change of default font weights for UI text so fallback will be bold.
  • [ENV-238] - Added separate variables for block link underlines.
  • [ENV-236] - Refactor popover styling because of upgrade of third party script.

Bug fixes

  • [ENV-234] - Medium size Profile image could get wrong max width.

Envision is an open source UI Library for Sitevision (MIT License)

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