How do I find the current user and its properties?

Use a combination of PortletContextUtil and Properties to extract the current user and its properties

In order to get the current user (as a JCR Node) the method getCurrentUser of PortletContextUtil is used.

To extract properties from a node in Sitevision either Properties or PropertyUtil can be used. This example will use Properties.

Step 1 - Get instances of utilities

For WebApp/RESTApp 2; use import:

import portletContextUtil from '@sitevision/api/server/PortletContextUtil';
import properties from '@sitevision/api/server/Properties';

For Script module and WebApp/RESTApp 1; use require:

const portletContextUtil = require('PortletContextUtil');
const properties = require('Properties');

Step 2 - Make use of the utilities

// Get the current user (JCR Node)
const currentUser = portletContextUtil.getCurrentUser();

// Get a single property
const currentUserMail = properties.get(currentuser, 'mail');

// Get a number of properties as an object
const currentUserData = properties.get(

   currentUserData will be an object:

      displayName: 'Anna Andersson',
      mail: '',
      telephoneNumber: '0123456789',
      title: 'Key account manager'

Regarding properties

What properties there is to extract from each node type is documented on the node types page.

Note regarding user types

In Sitevision there are 3 types of users:

Note that available properties vary between the user types. If a property which is not available for the user type is being requested, null will be returned.

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