Release Notes Sitevision 9.2

Sitevision 9.2 is a minor release in the 9 series that contains bug fixes and improvements. It also contains a Tomcat upgrade.



  • [SV-32753] Tomcat is upgraded to 9.0.54
  • [SV-32713] OpenId is upgraded to 1.8 (Note! "OpenId" is not equivalent with "OpenId Connect")
  • [SV-31395] Translation function is now using Microsoft Translator API v.3



  • [SV-32778] and [SV-32779] Performance improvements for WebApp rendering



  • [SV-32690] Protection for neverending loops did not check portlets within Elements properly (i.e. neverending loops could falsely be detected for Elements and block Element rendering)
  • [SV-32868] Refresh/reload of Elements in the Element draft and Addon-view could fail



  • [ENV-94] Optional placement of Modal Dialog and Dropdown. Both components may now be opened as an immediate child of BODY tag. In cases where multiple themes are used in a page this will allow all both components to use parent theme.
  • [ENV-132] CSS browser prefixes no longer added for some legacy browsers. This mostly affects IE10.
  • [ENV-50] Poll Progress Indicator. New progress component where text may be placed on top of the progress bar.
  • [SV-32280] Envision theme set in template or page will now set background color for BODY.
  • [SV-32588] Option in Envision theme settings to set global theme background color.

Bug fixes

  • [ENV-134] Modal Dialog will now reset style attribute to previous state when closed.

Bug fixes

  • [SV-32630] Metadata of type tags could not be used as facets


Bugs / Improvements

  • [SV-32049] Static resources needed by editors in edit mode could be accessed by all authenticated users
  • [SV-32696] Forms could use the CSS class "sv-defaultFormTheme" that has "!important" declaration. This declaration typically cause problems for personal settings (WCAG)

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