Sitevision REST API

The Sitevision REST-API enables flexible Headless CMS implementations based on Sitevision.

The REST API of Sitevision comes in two flavors:

  1. The Sitevision Model REST API

    Sitevision provides a built-in Model REST API that operates on the JCR data tree model that is also accessible via the Sitevision Public API. The Model REST API is bundled with all Sitevision installations, but it must be explicitly activated on the website if it should be used (i.e. exposed for the outside world). The REST API Documentation can be browsed for the website if it is activated.
  2. RESTApps

    RESTApps are custom extensions of the REST API. They are the Serverless functions and Micro Services of Sitevision. Development of a RESTApp takes place outside of Sitevision in a code editor of choice. The management of the RESTAPP is done in the Add-on view and the custom module that contains the specific RESTApp.