Release Notes Sitevision 10

Sitevision 10 is the first release in the 10 series. It contains security fixes, bug fixes and improvements. It also contains a Java upgrade.



  • [SV-32948] Java is updated to Corretto version 8.312.07.1
  • [SV-28295] The JSP Taglibs library is upgraded to version 1.2.5


  • [SV-30883] [SV-32918] Remove unused resources and binaries in the /sitevision/ structure

JCR Model (data/tree backend for Public API and REST API)


  • [SV-33066] The sv:applicationIndex of type USER is updated and has a new JCR Node identifier ("301.user-4.5" => "301.user-10.0").
  • [SV-31275] [SV-31275] [SV-31375] [SV-32823] Add internal state for "Content Nodes" (i.e. a Node in "page content": sv:layout, sv:portlet, sv:linkedLayout, sv:referenceLayout etc) and introduce strict context and permission checks throughout the Model and API:s.

    Requirements to access a "Content Node" from the Public API or REST-API:
    • The "Content Node" must belong to current Site
    • Current User must have READ permission on the Node where the "Content Node" is located

Public API


Bug fixes

  • [SV-33157] Remove "Local params" from queries executed via Searcher and SearchUtil
  • [SV-33124] Enforce strict site-check for queries in system indexes executed via Searcher and SearchUtil



  • [SV-31916] GET contentnodes - new option to get Text module content in JSON format (Beta)
  • [SV-31916] GET headless - new option to get Text module content in JSON format (Beta)
  • [SV-33097] GET compoundtimelineentries - "entryOwner" now includes the "disabled" state

Bug fixes

  • [SV-33158] Remove "Local params" from queries executed via REST API (endpoints /search and /searchuseridentities)
  • [SV-32597] Missing log entry when a RESTApp is activated via REST API



  • [SV-33090] Element drafts can fail to render for a site exported and imported without the "restore" option



  • [ENV-136] Larger size for Default and Large buttons. Added new size "Slim". Border radius is set different on Small and Large buttons. More padding and fixed size icons in Dropdown menus. Slightly larger inputs in forms.
  • [ENV-141] New style for focus outlines. All focusable elements will now get a more visible high contrast focus outline when keyboard navigation is used. For buttons, focus outline is removed for mouse pointer usage.
  • [ENV-144] Cardholder Grid (beta). New CSS-grid for Cardholder.
  • [ENV-150] New default colors for elements.
  • [ENV-154] Default font color for text in all alerts.

Bug fixes

  • [ENV-138] Accessibility improvment for Popover. Aria attribute describedby added.
  • [ENV-152] Font size in Dropdown menu. If font size was set smaller or larger than 1em, menu items would get wrong font size.

Envision is an open source UI Library for Sitevision (MIT License)

Bug fixes

  • [SV-32992] Remove "Local params" everywhere from all query strings (applies to all search-related portlets/functions and API:s)
  • [SV-32979] The "backingusergroups" field of the IDENTITY system index was not properly populated for identities with a Directory-based backing user
  • [SV-33160] A-Z portlet should only allow a single-letter query


Bugs / Improvements

  • [SV-32425] [SV-32480] The "X-Content-Type-Options" and "Strict-Transport-Security" headers were not applied for file/image download
  • [SV-32426] [SV-32431] The "X-Content-Type-Options" and "Strict-Transport-Security" headers were not applied for webdav access
  • [SV-32435] The "X-Content-Type-Options" header was not applied for solr access
  • [SV-33129] Virtual groups can now longer be populated via IP range
  • [SV-32975] Better error message/description in edit for deleted Addons and portlets

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