Release Notes Sitevision 2023.05.1

Sitevision 2023.05.1 contains infrastructure upgrades and bug fixes



  • [SV-35571] Java is updated to Corretto version 8.372.07.1

JCR Model (data/tree backend for Public API and REST API)


  • [SV-35590] Schema for the User Identity Index has been updated. This will trigger a name update and a full reindex will start shortly after first startup of Sitevision after upgrade. Note that identifier lookups/resolve via REST-API and Public API of this sv:applicationIndex Node are affected!
    • New JCR Node identifier is:
    • Previous JCR Node identifier was:

Public API



Bug fixes

  • [ENV-249] - Radio button label did not use label font settings from theme

Envision is an open source UI Library for Sitevision (MIT License)

Bug fixes

  • [SV-35271] Empty or corrupt gz search log file could previously cause search report processing to crash. The effect of such problem was that the search repost was never sent. From now on such problems will be logged and completely discarded so the search report is sent anyway

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