Release Notes Sitevision 2023.07.1

Sitevision 2023.07.1 contains infrastructure fixes. It also contains lots of bug fixes and improvements of the Public API and the REST API.



  • [SV-35789, SV-35702, SV-35706, SV-35748, SV-35751] Increased usage of Envision css classes in the built-in modules of Sitevision. Part 1 - classes replaced
  • [SV-35513, SV-35710] Improved Pagespeed - Update of the build/compile system to minimize script and css payload of Sitevision resources. This will typically improve the out-of-the-box Pagespeed for all sites. Sitevision scripts now use the same "supports" as Envision.
  • [SV-35681] Search logging endpoint should handle tracking requests via POST (i.e. support navigator.sendBeacon invocations)

Bug fixes

  • [SV-27086, SV-30842] The Origin header should be checked for all Web Socket requests
  • [SV-35152, SV-35711] CSP problems for certain field types in form modules
  • [SV-35057] Some developer-related modules (Script, HTML, Proxy, JSP) was rendered/shown in the Version preview UI, despite their "Show in offline" setting was set to false
  • [SV-35671] Funky autodiscover requests (from MS Outlook) should not trigger rendering of the error page. Plain error code response is enough

JCR Model (data/tree backend for Public API and REST API)

Bug fixes

  • [SV-35740] Nodes of type sv:decorationTemplate had an illegal child of type sv:ratingRepository

Public API


  • [SV-35733] NodeTreeUtil - added new methods to find layouts by name
  • [SV-35683] SearchHit - added new method to get tracking URI for search statistics logging

Bug fixes

  • [SV-35761] Requester - failed to resolve expected file name for file responses that included the Content-Disposition header
  • [SV-35624] FileUtil and ImageUtil - create/update via external URL did not respect the IP whitelist/blacklist for outgoing http connections



  • [SV-31237] DELETE /custommodule - new endpoint to delete a sv:customModule
  • [SV-31237] DELETE /headlesscustommodule - new endpoint to delete a sv:headlessCustomModule
  • [SV-31237] DELETE /webappimport - new endpoint to delete an imported sv:webApp
  • [SV-31237] DELETE /restappimport - new endpoint to delete an imported sv:restApp
  • [SV-35752] GET /timelineentries - include new "modifiedBy" property that contains data about the sv:userIdentity that edited the entry

Bug fixes

  • [SV-35687] PUT /aliases - An internal alias target could be treated as an external target
  • [SV-35732] REST API Documentation - endpoints for import and activation of sv:moduleElement could be shown for unexpected nodes



  • [ENV-257] - New Dialog component to replace Modal dialog.
  • [ENV-256] - Status text colors added
  • [ENV-254] - Possible to delay showing of spinner for avoiding flashes
  • [ENV-252] - New Image viewer component added to replace Image viewer and Image slider.

Bug fixes, refinements

  • [ENV-259] - A number of unused variables were deprecated or removed.
  • [ENV-253] - IE11 polyfills removed
  • [ENV-258] - All env-d--[x] display variables now use important priority.

Envision is an open source UI Library for Sitevision (MIT License)

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