Release Notes Sitevision 2023.09.1

Sitevision 2023.09.1 contains infrastructure fixes. It also contains improvements of the Public API, the REST API and Envision.



JCR Model (data/tree backend for Public API and REST API)


  • [SV-35887] Added sv:imageFilterRepository as child Node of sv:site. This new repository has all site-global sv:imageFilter as children
  • [SV-35887] Added properties "description", "maxHeight" and "maxWidth" for the sv:imageFilter Node type
  • [SV-35897] The children of sv:site was previously in an unpredictable order. Now they are added (i.e. implicitly sorted) by their JCR Names

Public API


  • [SV-33295] PermissionCheck - a new component for Searcher that determines how permissions of search hits are checked
  • [SV-35887] ResourceLocatorUtil - added new method to get the new sv:imageFilterRepository of the sv:site



  • [SV-35890] GET /imagefilters - new endpoint to get all site-global sv:imageFilter
  • [SV-35897] The root in the REST API documentation (the sv:site Node) is easier to use, since the children now are sorted by their JCR name



  • ENV-276 - Improved accessibility in Dropdown component
  • ENV-272 - Improved keyboard navigation in Dropdown component

Bug fixes, refinements

  • ENV-275 - Fixes a CSS error in Dropdown component that made menus tabbable before initialization
  • ENV-274 - Deprecated Modal dialog component would close on click on scrollbar
  • ENV-273 - Fixes a CSS validation issue in Dialog component
  • ENV-271 - Allow long words to break in caption for Image viewer 2 component

Envision is an open source UI Library for Sitevision (MIT License)


  • [SV-35870] Search Enterprise: the lastindexed field will now be auto-populated for external data that is added to a Custom index
  • [SV-35875] The edit UI now exposes a setting for the site-global filter query that is applied to all searches in the User Identity Index

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