Release Notes Sitevision 2024.02.1

Sitevision 2024.02.1 contains infrastructure updates, fixes and a development preview of the upcoming Dashboard and Widget concept



  • [SV-36613] Tomcat is updated to 9.0.85
  • [SV-36744] Underscore is updated to 1.13.6 server-side
  • [SV-36746] Underscore is updated to 1.13.6 client-side
  • [SV-36592] The Image module now renders the width and height attributes (still also renders the max-width and max-height style attributes). This will typically improve Pagespeed and the score in some Performance measurement tools

Tech preview

JCR Model (data/tree backend for Public API and REST API)


  • [SV-36715] Added new property "selectorText" for sv:listStyle Nodes

Public API


  • [SV-35903] Added Dashboard and Widgets related functionality to the Public API



  • [ENV-27] Introducing new Dynamic font component and Container

Bug fixes, refinements

  • [ENV-287] Colored rows and cells in Tabel is now deprecated
  • [ENV-288] Improved performance in Collapse show

Envision is an open source UI Library for Sitevision (MIT License)

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