Uploading files to WebApps

Since Sitevision 4.5.4 files uploaded to Web/RESTApps are exposed as sv:temporaryFile nodes. Here is quick tutorial on how to get started working with uploaded files in a WebApp.


In this example we aim to upload a file through a WebApp and put in the site's file repository.

The file upload form

We will be using a simple form to upload the file.

<form class="env-form" action="<%= getUrl('/upload') %>" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
   <div class="env-form-element">
      <label for="file" class="env-form-element__label">File</label>
      <div class="env-form-element__control">
         <input id="file" type="file" name="file">
   <div class="env-form-element">
      <button type="submit" class="env-button env-button--primary">Submit</button>

The WebApp specific getUrl-function returns a URL that will match the /upload route in our WebApp's index.js.


In index.js we define a route that will accept our request. Since the form is submitted using the POST method we will define a router.post method using the '/upload' path.

(function() {
      router               = require('router'),
      fileUtil             = require('FileUtil'),
      resourceLocatorUtil  = require('ResourceLocatorUtil');

   router.get('/', (req, res) => {
      res.render('/', {});

   router.post('/upload', (req, res) => {
      // Use the req.file method to retrieve the file
      // The method accepts the parameter name of the file to retrieve
      const file = req.file('file');

      // A sv:file will be created and added to the file repository
      fileUtil.createFileFromTemporary(resourceLocatorUtil.getFileRepository(), file);

      res.render('/', {});

Files uploaded to Web/RESTApps are exposed as sv:temporaryFile-nodes. Both FileUtil and ImageUtil in Sitevision's Public API have introduced new methods to facilitate working with this new node type.

As demonstrated, receiving files in a WebApp is a very simple process and the new methods available in FileUtil and ImageUtil provide useful methods to convert uploaded files to actual Sitevision content (sv:file).

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