Release Notes Sitevision 9

Sitevision 9 introduces Bundled apps and React support. The release also includes several Envision improvements and bug fixes.



  • [SV-27132] Tomcat is upgraded to 9.0.45
  • [SV-32116] Coretto Java is upgraded to
  • [SV-31683] Rhino is upgraded to 1.7.13

Public API


  • [SV-32129] Improved performance for External Repository JCR Node-paths with targeted sv:simpleUser

Bug fixes

  • [SV-32119] Some jpeg images could be rotated wrong when uploaded to Sitevision



  • [SV-32037] GET tagtimelineentries - new endpoint to get entries for a sv:tag

WebApps and RESTApps


  • [SV-32313] Bundled apps - an alternate way of structuring and building apps (requirement to build React apps)
  • [SV-31729] Allow access/usage of React bundled with Sitevision (new "requiredLibs" section in manifest.json)
    • [SV-32138] Provide React render function ("agnosticRender")
    • [SV-32196] Bump provided React (17.0.1 => 17.0.2)
  • [APP-726] Update create-sitevision-app with support for Bundled apps and React
  • [SV-30285] Introduce default appData values (new "appDataDefaults.json" file)
  • [SV-32131] New UI/config list component for user field selection ("userfield-list")
  • [SV-32096] Initial support for the "csrfProtection" property in manifest.json (explicit usage of this property for apps will be implemented in a later version as SV-30661)

Bug fixes

  • [SV-31500] UI/config components "color-selector" and "font-selector" did not respect current user roles properly


Bug fixes

  • [SV-32115] OutputUtil.getNodeOutput crashes when used from a RESTApp to render an Image portlet



  • [ENV-51] Cards & cardholder: A new collection of container classes that may be used for building grids that adapt to the available space, and stretches to align both horizontally and vertically.
  • [APP-699] Modal alerts: Modal dialog with Alert styling.
  • [ENV-49] Modal inner/outer scroll: Modal dialogs may now be configured to scroll outside as before or inside the dialog body.
  • [ENV-77] Icon buttons: Icons in buttons have been updated so icons no longer stretch the size of the button. Icons will have a fixed size relative to the selected button size. Buttons with visually hidden text showing only an icon will have equal width and height.
  • [ENV-62] Connected border-radiuses: The general setting for border-radius will control all border-radiuses. Setting it to zero will remove border radius for all components.
  • [ENV-64] Toasts: A new component that may be used for messages of less importance that require no action from the user.

Bug fixes

  • [SV-32007] Explicit indexing support for tag metadata. Multiple tags metadata should be indexed as individual values, as other multi-valued metadata are. The tagName for each value will be indexed. Previously tag metadata values were implicitly indexed as if it was generic text metadata. Typically this would result in a single-valued, comma-separated String of "display names", i.e tagTitle values (Note! to use new behaviour for already indexed pages requires manual re-index of affected pages. Typically via a full reindex of site)

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