Getting started with RESTApps

A RESTApp is simply a predefined file structure. Please refer to the RESTApp boilerplate for example code.

  • index.js *mandatory
    • The starting point for a RESTApp. This is where endpoints are created.
  • manifest.json *mandatory
    • The manifest cointains metadata for a RESTApp, such as version, id and type.
  • module/
    • Put JavaScript modules here. Sitevision's Public API is accessible.
  • config/
    • Put configuration files here. Valid configuration files are:
      • index.html
      • config.js
      • config.css
  • resource/ (Since 4.5.1)
    • Static resources.

Targeting a RESTApp

The URL to a RESTApp looks like this:

Note that the name of the addon will be part of the RESTApp's URL. Hence it is important to choose a simple URL friendly name.