Advanced settings

There are a number of system properties that can be used to configure the general behaviour of the proxy portlet:

proxy.maxhostconnections (default: 100) Maximum number of connections allowed for a given host.

proxy.maxtotalconnections (default: 100) Maximum number of connections allowed.

proxy.connectiontimeout (default: 30000) Timeout (in milliseconds) until a connection is etablished.

proxy.sotimeout (default: 30000) Default socket timeout (SO_TIMEOUT) in milliseconds which is the timeout for waiting for data.

proxy.semicolonparameterseparators (default: false) Enable semicolon parameter separators (e.g. /test?a=1;b=2)

sitevision.proxy.connectionthreshold (default: none) Some clients (e.g. search engines) may not do a complete page request which may result in lingering connections in the pool. Use this parameter to return connections to the pool if the number of connections exceeds a threshold. A suitable threshold depends on the solution, but a good starting value may be 30 or 50.

sitevision.proxy.connectionthresholdcheckinterval (default: 5000) If sitevision.proxy.connectionthreshold is set, this parameter defines the interval between threshold checks. Value is in milliseconds and must be equal to or higher than 5000.

proxy.forcecharset (default: null) If the parameter is set it forces SiteVision to interpret all proxied applications with a certain charset. E.g proxy.forcecharset=utf-8 will force SiteVision to interpret the application with a utf-8 charset.

sitevision.proxy.useapplicationcharset (default: false) This will tell SiteVision to read the charset from the proxied applications HTTP-header. This property will not work if the proxy.forcecharset is set.

A system property always applies for the entire SiteVision server. All proxy portlets uses a shared connection pool, hence above settings are "global" for all proxy portlets executing on the server.