When the proxy module connects to external applications, the following headers are sent:

  • host = The name of the server that is called
  • x-forwarded-for = The IP address of the client that calls the proxy module
  • Via = Indicates that the call is from SiteVision. Is set to "1.1 <Sitevision hostname> (SiteVision)"
  • x-sitevision-roles = The user's roles in Sitevision, separated by commas
  • x-sitevision-locale = Local for the proxy module
  • x-sitevision-authtype = The name of the login method that the user is authenticated with (eg FORM, NTLM, BASIC)
  • x-sitevision-user = LDAP DN for the Sitevision user
  • x-sitevision-remotehost = Host address for the client who makes the call to the proxy module
  • referer = URL to page in Sitevision where the proxy module is located

Otherwise, headers are also copied from the client's call to Sitevision, except for the following:

  • cookie
  • Content-Type
  • Content-Length
  • Host
  • referer
  • pragma
  • Accept-Encoding
  • If-Modified-Since
  • If-None-Match

If the call to external application requires authentication, a BASIC will be sent with the user's login information to Sitevision.