Preparations in Sitevision

Create your own search index

Create a Custom Index on the Sitevision website where the actual searches will be performed. If searches can be performed on several different websites, then the search index should typically be placed on the server.

Enabling external access for external crawlers

To be possible for the Sitevision Crawler to communicate with Sitevision, it is necessary that access for external crawlers must be activated on the search index. This is done under the settings for the search index.

Open Custom Index for external data

Information about enabling external access on the help web:

Authentication against Sitevision

In order for the crawler to be allowed to communicate with Sitevision and update the search index with the external search results, it must authenticate itself. Which user should be used is different depending on where the search index is located. If the search index located on a website, search engine users are used, which is set under the website settings.

Select User for crawling access to custom indexes of the site

Information on setting up search engine users on the help web: