UGC Index

The UGC Index ("User-Generated Content") is of type sv:applicationIndex and contains data about entries and comments:

  • sv:timelineEntry
  • sv:timelineWallEntry
  • sv:timelineFileEntry
  • sv:timelineFileWallEntry
  • sv:timelineShareEntry
  • sv:timelineSharePageEntry
  • sv:comment
  • sv:pageComment

User UGC Index requires license feature "Social Collaboration".

The UGC Index search endpoint of the REST API requires that calling user has Permission.READ on the sv:site.

The UGC Index must be explicitly specified (i.e. via SearcherBuilder.setIndex) when querying it via Searcher in the API. The UGC Index is typically fetched via IndexUtil.

var searchFactory = require('SearchFactory');
var ugcIndexType = require('IndexUtil.IndexType.UGC');

// Get the UGC index
var indexUtil = searchFactory.getIndexUtil();
var ugcIndex = indexUtil.getDefaultIndex(ugcIndexType);

if (ugcIndex) {
   var searcher = searchFactory.getSearcherBuilder()
                    .setIndex(ugcIndex) // Set index

   var searchResult ='the query', 10);
   /* handle search result... */   
} else {
   /* handle what to do when there's no UGC index */


author (solr.StrField, stored)

The Node identifierer of the author/creator of the entry.

availablefor (solr.StrField, stored, multivalued)

The Node identifiers for all sv:userIdentity that can access the entry. Can also be "all" or "none".

baseentry (solr.StrField, stored)

The Node identifier of the "base" entry (applicable for comments and sub-comments - i.e. "what is actually commented?").

comments (solr.TrieLongField, stored)

Number of comments.

compoundcontent.analyzed (solr.TextField, analyzed, multivalued)

The item/entry text and the texts of all comments, in analyzed form.

content.analyzed (solr.TextField, analyzed, multivalued)

The item/entry text in analyzed form.

created (solr.TrieDateField, stored)

Creation date.

id (solr.StrField, stored, unique)

The unique document id (the Node identifier of the item/entry).

lastcommented (solr.TrieDateField, stored)

Date of last comment.

lastindexed (solr.TrieDateField, stored)

Indexing timestamp (i.e. when was this document indexed?)

likes (solr.TrieLongField, stored)

Number of likes.

mentions (solr.StrField, stored, multivalued)

Node identifiers of all sv:userIdentity that is mentioned in the item/entry.

owner (solr.StrField, stored)

The Node identifier of the item/entry owner.

shares (solr.TrieLongField, stored)

Number of shares.

site (solr.StrField, stored)

The sv:site of the item/entry.

summary (solr.TextField, stored, multivalued)

The text content in stored form. Typically used for highlighting and debug. Also see content.analyzed for the text content in analyzed (i.e. searchable) form.

svtype (solr.StrField, stored, multivalued)

Type of resource (entry, groupentry, wallentry, fileentry, filewallentry, shareentry, sharepageentry, messageentry, directmessageentry, topicentry, comment, entrycomment, groupcomment, wallentrycomment, fileentrycomment, filewallentrycomment, shareentrycomment, sharepageentrycomment, pagecomment, filecomment, groupfilecomment, messagecomment, directmessagecomment, topiccomment).

This field is typically used in filter query to limit hits to specific "types".

tags (solr.StrField, stored, multivalued)

The tags (names of sv:tag).

tags.analyzed (solr.TextField, analyzed, multivalued)

The tags in analyzed form.