User Index

The Sitevision User Index is of type sv:applicationIndex and contains sv:simpleUser data.

The User Index search endpoint of the REST API requires that the calling user has Permission.MANAGE_USERS on the sv:site.

The User Index must be explicitly specified (i.e. via SearcherBuilder.setIndex) when querying it via Searcher in the API. The User Index is typically fetched via IndexUtil.

var searchFactory = require('SearchFactory');
var userIndexType = require('IndexUtil.IndexType.USER');

// Get the User index
var indexUtil = searchFactory.getIndexUtil();
var userIndex = indexUtil.getDefaultIndex(userIndexType);

var searcher = searchFactory.getSearcherBuilder()
                 .setIndex(userIndex) // Set index

var searchResult ='the query', 10);

/* handle search result... */


description (solr.StrField, stored)

The description.

description.analyzed (solr.TextField, analyzed, multivalued)

The description in analyzed form.

disabled (solr.BoolField, stored)

Wheter the user is disabled or not.

fullname (solr.StrField, stored)

The full name (first name + last name).

fullname.analyzed (solr.TextField, analyzed, multivalued)

The fullname in analyzed form.

fullname.sortable (solr.CollationField)

The fullname in sortable form.

givenname (solr.StrField, stored)

The given name.

givenname.analyzed (solr.TextField, analyzed, multivalued)

The givenname in analyzed form.

givenname.sortable (solr.CollationField)

The givenname in sortable form.

id (solr.StrField, stored, unique)

The unique document id (typically the Node identifier of the user).

jcrtype (solr.StrField, stored)

The JCR NodeType. Field exists for compability with other indexes only (value is always "sv:simpleUser").

lastindexed (solr.TrieDateField, stored)

Indexing timestamp (i.e. when was this document indexed?)

mail (solr.StrField, stored)

The mail address.

mail.analyzed (solr.TextField, analyzed, multivalued)

The mail in analyzed form.

mobilenumber (solr.StrField, stored)

The mobile number.

name (solr.StrField, stored)

The name.

name.analyzed (solr.TextField, analyzed, multivalued)

The name in analyzed form.

name.sortable (solr.CollationField)

The name in sortable form.

personalnumber (solr.StrField, stored)

The personal number.

site (solr.StrField, stored)

The Node identifier of the sv:site.

sn (solr.StrField, stored)

The sn.

sn.analyzed (solr.TextField, analyzed, multivalued)

The sn in analyzed form.

sn.sortable (solr.CollationField)

The sn in sortable form.

svtype (solr.StrField, stored, multivalued)

Type of resource. Field exists for compability with other indexes only (value is always "user" and "simpleuser").

telephonenumber (solr.StrField, stored)

The telephonenumber.

title (solr.StrField, stored)

The title.

title.analyzed (solr.TextField, analyzed, multivalued)

The title in analyzed form.

useridentity (solr.StrField, stored)

The Node identifier of the user's sv:userIdentity.

username (solr.StrField, stored)

The username.